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I am endlessly fascinated and attracted to people. I love seeing how they dress, how they present themselves to the world, how they express their individual style. This keeps me documenting life in all its glorious diversity.
Wiltern Theater
Hyperion Ave
Parking garage, Burbank
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's
On LaBrea
Larchmont Blvd
Lancaster Christmas Parade
Lancaster friends
Trader Joe's
City Hall demonstration
Trader Joe's
Just One Eye
Beverly Hills
Triple Beam Pizza
Roadside worker
After Church, West Slauson Blvd.
LACMA jazz
LACMA jazz
LACMA jazz
LACMA Lampposts by Chris Burden
LACMA jazz
LA voter
Just One Eye
LA Opera, OMAR
LA Operagoers
LA Operagoers Larry and Mia
Elton John concert fan
Elton John concertgoers
Merlin the fashion designer, as Disney Hall photo shoot
Musician Sema Philice, photo shoot at Disney Hall
The Last Waltz concert, Orpheum Theater
Happy 24th Brithday
Tula at David Hockney show, LA Louver
Cafe du Monde, New Orleans
Putting on the sugar, Cafe du Monde
Darrell and his drum, NOLA
Bluebird, NOLA
Wearing Gucci, Just One Eye
Shopping for shoes in Bruno Cucinelli velvet sweatpants
Cosimo visits Just One Eye
Working lunch
Trenton and Tookie on their way home
Skulls on Larchmont
Mary in South Pasadena
Karimu at the Opera
LA Operagoers
Cotton's covered paws at the Americana, Glendale
Claudia and Joy at the P-22 memorial
P-22 lives on
Jennifer in her catsuit at the P-22 memorial
Mike and Jennie in their P-22 regalia
Ty and Te at the Met for their engagement photos
Worker on Broadway
Citarella staff on Broadway
Alexandra at MOMA for a birthday photo shoot
On LaBrea
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