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Barbie goes to the movies

This weekend I decided to cruise the theaters around town and see how moviegoers were preparing to watch "Barbie." Like the good Angelenos that they are, they got into it!  Young and old, male and female and gender fluid, so many were dressed in pink for the occasion, it was a veritable painter's palette of pinks throughout the lobbies and malls across the city. It was heartening to see that Barbie lovers cross all the lines, ethnic, age, and economic. And so many were able to pull out something pink for the occasion.  There were a few moviegoers who made it a double feature day, seeing "Oppenheimer" before or after Barbie. Personally, I"m with the one audience member who said after Oppenheimer, Barbie was the perfect palate cleanser. Enjoy! May your days be filled with movies! 

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