On the Road to the Ballot Box The Year of Covid-19 and The Kids on My Block Jasper Johns at Home New York City Streetstyle Museumgoers Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped Performers Barbiephiles Handmade dresses
Textiles in Japan Boston Kenya and The Samburu Project Jordan London Paris Yosemite and Autocamp Baseball fans in Japan

Photojournalism changed my life

Since 1972, when I first walked into the New York Times newsroom, I knew I had found my calling. Photojournalism has allowed me to be a witness and a teacher, bringing people into focus in all their complexity. It has allowed me to witness the joy, struggle, sadness and resilience that defines the humanity we all share. It has been my honor to use my passion and talent to help us see ourselves in each other.
Alice Neel, at home, 1979
Mongolia, 1985
Dexter Gordon, 1980
BB King
Beck, at home, 1994
Christo, Surrounded Islands Project, 1983
Beverly Hills Hotel, room service, 1980
Jesse Jackson campaign for President, 1988
Leonard Bernstein at the Hollywood Bowl, 1980
G. Gordon Liddy and Timothy Leary hit the road together
Woody Allen, 1977
Lily Tomlin 1977
Tom Wolfe and his striped socks, 1980
Agnes Agatha Robinson teaching chess at PS 97, 1972.
Tom Waits, in a downtown dive in Los Angeles
Linda Ronstadt and JD Souther
Jesse Jackson and Cesar Chavez
Paul Westerberg
NY Mayor Abe Beame early 1970's
Chrissie Hynde, 1980's
Jerry Brown running for President
Guatemala statue incognito
Isaac Bashevis Singer at home in New York, 1975
Jordan Downs, 1980's
Lina Wertmuller
Mick Jagger Love You Live Tour, 1977
Nancy Reagan and Daryl Gates and their Just Say No to drugs campaign
Grandma and grandson, Lower East Side of New York 1972
Saks Fifth Avenue Ladies' Room, 1972
Shawano Lake, Wisconsin
Girls Swim Team, Orange County California
Trans Siberian Railway window, 1987
The Pope and Playboy Bunnies, West Hollywood Halloween
Gustavo Dudamel rehearses, 2008
Gustavo Dudamel, 2008
Gustavo Dudamel rehearses, 2008
Radoslav Lorkovic
Governor's Ball post Oscars
Governor's Ball, making an entry
Hilary Swank at the Oscars, 2011
Gnarls Barkley
John Fleck
Will Smith
Conor Oberst, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Bella Abzug throws her hat in the ring, and announces her run for Mayor of New York, 1977
Oaxaca, Day of the Dead, 1989
Congressman Adam Schiff
Alison Saar, 2020
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